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To provide a seamless experience in cars, we are now enabling developers to bring their Internet of Things (IoT) apps into cars. This will allow users to easily manage IoT systems such as home security and doorbells directly from their car. You can now launch IoT apps to production for both Android Auto and Android Automotive OS.

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You can start building your IoT apps for cars using driving-optimized templates from the Android for Cars app library.

Android for Cars App Library Grid Template for IoT Apps

automotive os emulator for Android Automotive OS and dhu for Android Auto allows you to easily test apps in this category. To get started building your app for cars, check out our update Developer Documentation, car quality guidelinesAnd design guidelines, For additional instructions on building an IoT app, go here,

Drivers of cars using Android Auto can now instantly download IoT apps developed with the Android for Car app library from Google Play. Additionally you can join Google Groups for new beta apps and opt-in for new app beta on the Google Play store, with your Gmail account.

Samsung SmartThings running Android Auto

Experience for yourself what your app will look like on different systems by accessing OEM emulator system images Downloadable in Android Studio.

To publish your app today, follow the steps below.

  1. Design your app experience using our developer guide And App Quality Guidelines,
  2. develop using Latest Release of Car App Library So that you can get user feedback from now on.
  3. test using desktop head unit,
  4. publish your app on closed or open test on the Google Play Store to receive pre-production feedback from users.
  5. Ship your final app to cars.

We’re excited to see what you’ve built and take it for a spin!

If you are interested in joining our Early Access program in the future, please fill out this interest form, You can get started with the Android for Cars app library today by visiting

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