Golf and pool collide, and the results are some amazing fun. In each level, there is a series of tables with balls that you must pocket within a set number of shots.

Each world is vibrant and full of color while also sporting its own unique constraints and challenges. And just when you think you have the prefect plan, it will likely fail, forcing you to adapt on the fly.

To begin, you can place the ball anywhere on the table and then set the perfect aim with the on-screen guide. To shoot, just double-tap the ball. Unlike an actual pool game, you can shoot the cue ball into the pocket, it can even be useful to reset your shot.

After progressing in the game, you can start choosing cards from a deck to tailor the challenges to the game you want to play. For example, you can choose Fast Run that limits you time you have to aim. There’s even an option with portals, conveyor belts, and glass balls that will roll and collide.

And there’s no need to worry about the game getting stale. With procedurally generated tables and 18 different cards, there are more than 14,000 ways to combine for a new and unique game to enjoy.

The game is perfect for bite-size quick gamin sessions where you can easily pick up and start playing. It’s also perfect for one-hand play. There’s even a great soundtrack.

From the same team behind other great games like rymdkaspel, twofold inc., and hoedown, subpar pool is another top-notch title you’ll want to try out.

Designed for the iPhone and iPad, subpar pool is a $4.99 download on the App Store now.

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