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Every month, more than 2.5 billion people visit Google Play to discover millions of apps and games, created by people from all kinds of backgrounds who founded companies large and small.

#WeArePlay celebrates this community of people building app and game businesses with a monthly spotlight on founders from Worldwide,

last summer we went on a virtual tour of AmericaSharing stories from every state, and today we continue our tour around the world with our next stop: India.

To kick us off, we’re spotlighted 20 stories from across the countryWith many more to come throughout the year.

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First of all, we start with Pramit from Gurugram, Haryana. He was climbing the corporate ladder when the drug he was taking damaged his retina, causing him to lose his sight. No longer able to read, he needed help from friends and family to perform daily tasks. One day, when a friend was booking a driver for him, Pramit got the idea of ​​creating a tool that could act like a virtual friend through voice-activated commands. use his app louis voice controlPeople can run other apps using their voice, making technology infinitely more accessible to the blind.

#WeArePlay Pramit Visioapps Technology Gurugram, Haryana Google Play

Next, meet Sourav and Gunjan from Kolkata, West Bengal. When Sourav and Gunjan had a son, they noticed how thrilled he was to see the videos on his phone. This gave Gunjan the idea of ​​providing meaningful screen time for young children by creating educational games for them. Fast forward to today and they have 42 apps, including yoga for kids Where youngsters follow along with simple yoga poses and unlock animated pets as rewards.

#WeArePlay Sourav and Gunjan Gunjanapps studio Kolkata, West Bengal Google Play

Now on Tejas from Rajkot, Gurjat. He was always determined to go his own way in life and pursue programming rather than his family’s construction business. After realizing how popular cooking games are, their company TheAppGuruz Makes versions specifically made for Asian audiences – some brimming with Indian dishes and specialties. Now, Tejas and his team are developing more cooking simulation titles, as well as traditional board games, for a global audience.

#WeArePlay Tejas TheAppGuruz Rajkot, Gujarat Google Play

And finally, Anshul and Rohan from Mumbai, Maharashtra. After linking their experiences in overcoming mental health struggles, they found that they had only one goal: to make something happen in the field of mental wellness. so they made evolve – An app with guided meditations, breathing exercises and daily affirmations. During the pandemic, the pair realized that the LGBTQ+ community was one of the most under-served in mental health support, so they adapted Evolve to meet their needs.

#WeArePlay Rohan and Anshul Evolve Mumbai, Maharashtra Google Play

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