The new model looks very similar to the second-generation model with a few changes.

Most importantly, the new Apple Pencil sports a hidden USB-C port for both charging and pairing. That means the stylus works with any iPad with a USB-C port.

Just like the more expensive model, the new version can magnetically attach to a compatible iPad for storage. It will enter into a sleep state to help preserve battery life.

For the lower price, expect a few tradeoffs from the top-of-the line model. The new version isn’t pressure sensitive and won’t respond to how hard you press on the iPad screen. You also won’t be able to double-tap on the Pencil to change tools.

But if you have an iPad Pro with M2 chip, you can use the same Hover feature that will show you a preview of the mark on the screen before you make it. The USB-C Pencil also features tilt sensitivity.

You can purchase the USB-C Apple Pencil for $79 starting in November.

The first-generation model is still available for $99. To find out more about all three Apple Pencil models, visit this Apple site.

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