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Whether you’re working on your first game or your next season pass, Google is committed to helping you through the entire development and publishing lifecycle. a trip Google for Games Developer SummitI’m privileged to share some exciting new tools and insights from Android and Google Play that will help developers like you build games for everyone.

check our video playlist Keep reading to watch the keynote speaker and product sessions on demand, or for a quick recap of the highlights.

Creating great Android games

App quality is the foundation of everything we do on Android and Google Play, and because every user matters, we’ve updated our approach to technical quality with an increased emphasis on user experience.

Google Play’s technical quality bar now uses new user-reported crash and ANR metrics, which we evaluate per-device as well as overall. We’ve introduced an 8% quality bar at the device level, and we now move users away from titles on Google Play that don’t meet this threshold on their phones. To help you meet these guidelines, we’ve launched several new features in Android essentials to make it easier to track and act on them. Learn more about these features in this session More about our quality bar in this blog post.

  • Performance is another important aspect of technical quality and for a smooth user experience, games on Google Play should aim for at least 30 frames per second. To help you reach this goal, we’ve just launched Frame rate metrics for games in Android essentials, You can see these metrics in play console or with Developer Reporting API, In time to come, we’ll start weaning users away from games that can’t achieve 20fps on their phones. Learn more about new metrics in this session,
Screenshot of Android essentials in Play Console
Android essentials in the Play Console now offers frame rate metrics to help you understand how smooth and intuitive your game is for users.

We’ve also introduced a number of new tools and services to help you improve the quality of your games.

  • we announced the update firebase crashlytics To improve the quality of the Unity stack trace, including Unity on-demand-fatal event reporting. We also now support symbolication of native Android ANRs, and will soon support memory debugging for GWP-ASAN-enabled games.
  • We are also introducing a suite of compatibility APIs for android game development kit To help your game respond to changing device performance and thermal scenarios. The Android Dynamic Performance Framework includes a hinting library that can send hints to the CPU about your workload, so your game can tap into performance when you need it and save power when you don’t. There’s also a thermal API to listen at runtime when the device is about to thermally throttle so you can adjust your workloads for smooth performance without overheating the device. Learn more about these updates. this session.

join players

Building and engaging with your players is key to the success of many sports, which is why we’re creating more opportunities to help you find new players or engage and re-engage existing ones.

  • We relaunched our LiveOps tool as promotional material and made it available to more developers. Eligible developers may upload promotional content to the Play Console to promote in-game events, offers and deals, and major updates, and customize that content for new or returning users.
  • custom store listing Allows you to create up to 50 different store pages with different descriptions and graphic assets based on country, pre-registration status, etc. now we have introduced IActive Custom Store ListingSo you can target churn users with a different story on how to get back in your game.
  • We also announced the Early Access Program for Machine translation in Play Console, which can translate the strings of your game in minutes. It uses Google Translate and the best-in-class transformer-based language model for quality translation in over 8 languages, including Simplified Chinese and Japanese. Sign up Here For being one of the first developers to try it.

High reach with big screen

Larger screens open up new opportunities for better gaming experiences. our research Shows that most phone owners have access to a large screen like a tablet, Chromebook, or PC, and gamers want to play their games on those screens. Larger screens give you the real estate to implement high-resolution graphics, take advantage of multi-tasking or foldable-specific experiences, and add keyboard, mouse, and game controller support to give users more control.

The beauty of Android is that your game can be easily optimized for all these screens and we have made many updates to improve the user experience.

Four different screen sizes display seamless sync across devices running Asphalt 9: Legends
Easily adapt your game to different form factors so your users can play whenever and wherever they want.
(The example shown here is Asphalt 9: Legends, subject to game availability and PC compatibility.)
  • While each form factor has its own unique advantages, you don’t need to optimize your game for each one independently. look at it Session To ensure smooth playability on large screen platforms.
  • google play games for pcNow in beta in 13 countries, it is expanding to countries in Japan and Europe in the coming months and is also expanding its catalog to include top games like Garena Free Fire, Ludo King, and MapleStory M.
  • And starting today, we’re making it much easier to join Google Play Games on PC with your existing mobile build, whether you support x86 or not. Through our partnership with Intel, you can now submit your mobile builds while you work on optimizations – no need to recompile for x86 right away.

You can learn more about these updates in this blog post or express interest In joining Google Play Games on PC.

For more announcements from Google for the Games Developer Summit, please visit, Thank you as always for your thoughtful feedback and partnership as we create high quality game experiences for players around the world.

Google Play Games on PC is available to download in 13 countries. please look for more information. Game titles may vary by region.

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