But the new app Mindr takes a uniq approach to reminders thanks to one of the best new features of IOS 17—interactive widgets.

Instead of having to deal with yet another notification that you have to snooze or dismiss, the app takes a non-intrusive approach.

Getting started with the app takes just a few minutes. You can select from a wide variety of premade inspirations like do the laundry, change bedsheets, water plants, and much more. You can also customize you own. It’s perfect for repeating tasks.

As a nice touch, you can select when the task is due—everything from 1 hour to 1 year. You can also pick an icon to better fir the task.

Then, you need to make sure to add the app’s widget to your home screen. To do that, long press the home screen and then select the + on the upper left corner. Choose Mindr from the list.

Taking inspiration from Apple’s battery widget, the widget will show how much time until the task is due. When it’s complete, just tap it on your home screen. The selected interval will begin again.

Mindr is a free download now on the App Store. It’s designed for the iPhone.

With the free version, you can try out the app and add a single reminder. To unlock all ion the app’s features, you’ll need a subscription of $0.99 per month or $8.99 yearly. There is also a lifetime unlock available for a single, one-time purchase of $14.99.

Subscribers can add an unlimited number of reminders. They will also be able to choose image icons and even share reminders with future updates.

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